Simplet Fiberglass was founded by a German gentleman by the name of Johan Heinrich Pletz 35 years ago and have been doing fiberglass ever since. Being a grandfather with great love for children and their safety. He has ever since been focused on making high quality slides and is still part of our team consulting and improving quality on a daily basis.

Kids slides was a division that broke away from Simplet Fiberglass and was founded by Pieter Erasmus through identifying a massive need in quality, save and affordable slides that is not ordinary but extraordinary. Pieter Erasmus is currently the Managing Director and ventured into becoming the largest slide manufacturer in Africa, manufacturing from 1,2m slide for your toddler to all the way up to 50m-water slide for Water Parks.


We are the only South African slide manufacturer that exports to Switzerland and European countries. Kids Slides have become a well-known established brand within South Africa with sales of more than 10 000 slides across South Africa and internationally.

If you want quality and peace of mind, trust us with your precious once’s safety, to create a childhood that will be remembered. Through our excellent courier services, we have expanded to do nationwide delivery through very affordable rates.