Kids Slides is a leader in the manufacturing of Fiberglass products, we take pride in introducing our latest 1,2m x 1,2m Jungle Gym Roofs.

We at Kids Slides have identified with the ever increasing price of timber a market for manufacturing fiberglass roofs matching your slide.


Match The Color of Your Slide

Kids Slides can match the roof of your Jungle Gym perfectly to the color of the slide you choose.

  • Makes your Jungle Gym have the ‘wow’ factor.
  • UV Filters stops color fading in the sun.
  • Save Time and cost on your DIY Project.
  • A-Grade Matt Makes the roof durable and strong.
  • Various colors available and color matching available.


DIY Start up kits.

Kids Slides have identified a need for DIY Kits for building your own Jungle Gym and cutting high end costs.

  • Great projects for bonding with your son.
  • Save Money on material costs.
  • Let your imagination go wild and impress friends and family.
  • DIY Kit include 10x Climbing Grips, Jungle Gym Roof and Fiberglass Slide.