Kids Slides have identified the need for kids to climb, at a young age we know how busy bodies they can be.

Climbing grips is great for improving upper body strength and also great for building up confidence from a young age.

Multilane Slide

Fun, fun and lots more fun.

The multi lane slide can be manufacture in various lengths to suit your exact purpose. The venue will look amazing and add lots to your revenue streams.

The Slide is fun and exciting and can be used as a wet or dry slide. Kids will have hours of fun on this slide and keep asking the parents to go back.

Rainbow Colours

Beautiful in appearance.

The rainbow slide just add excitement to your venue and will attract people for years to come. People love talking about certain attractions of parks and referring to the rainbow slide; will always have people talking about your venue.

We use UV Filters to avoid the slide from fading in the sun and we use the most vibrant colors.