More about us

We are currently the largest slide manufacturer in South Africa with manufacturing capacity of more than 500 slides per month. If you are looking for a quality slide, you have come to the right place. We manufacture from big to small, Monster Slides, Multi- Lane Slides, Jungle Gym Slides, Pool Slides, etc. We are the only manufacturer that manufactures to European standards.

Our story

Kids Slides was a division that broke away from Simplet Fiberglass and was founded by Pieter Erasmus through identifying a massive need in quality, safe and affordable slides that is not ordinary, but extraordinary. Pieter Erasmus is currently the Managing Director and ventured into becoming the largest manufacturer in Africa, manufacturing from 1.2m slides for your toddlers to all the way up to 50m water slides for Water Parks.

What makes us special?

What makes us special!? We go the extra mile; we manufacture to European standards and have people working for us that is passionate about making slides. Every single slide is hand laminated and not made by a machine. We inspect every single slide that leaves the factory to make sure your child enjoys many years of play.

Safety and quality

The argument has always been that fiberglass is fiberglass, all types of fiberglass is the same, this is far from the truth – just as you can buy different types of word with different strengths the same goes for fiberglass. We at Kids Sides take pride in manufacturing the highest quality and safest slides in Africa and European nations.